1. I have to keep changing and I don’t know why, an inconsistent current 
    demanding change for an unknown reason, but a reason is felt,
    visible though the change is unevenly applied.
    Some people keep up with the change and others do not:
    it is strange how some people always seem to benefit,
    always know what change will be next,
    while some people are always left on the side.

    Change will end. It won’t change. Change isn’t working;
    change has been co-opted by something. It’s profitable:
    buying books shoes dogs cars houses all of it. Even how things are bought is business.
    Read it at your library and then if you like it steal it from the bookstore, not the library.
    Change is here: it’s destabilized everything, shaking entire peoples to their roots
    and shattering those too so that roots were lost sending people on routes around the world.
    The dust can never settle, so the air is always toxic,
    so we must always heal, try to become healthy,
    but that will always be denied.